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Auditions for Stuart Little

When the Littles go to an orphanage to adopt a new family member, a charming young mouse named Stuart is chosen. While George is initially unwelcoming to his new brother, the family cat, Snowbell, is even less enthusiastic about having a mouse as his "master" and plots to get rid of him. Against these difficulties, Stuart resolves to face them with as much pluck, love and courage as he can muster. In doing so, he shows his beloved new family that great things can truly come in small packages.

Show Dates: April 12 & 13, 2024

Tech Week: April 8-11, 2024 (All rehearsals mandatory)

Show Location: Parkview Church, 3713 Benner Road, Miamisburg, OH

The participation fee for this production is $100.  This includes your script, t-shirt, and costumes.

(Any participant that needs financial help can email for options.)

Auditions open for actors in grades K-6!

Audition Dates:  Wednesday, January 31, 6:00-8:00 pm & Friday, February 2, 6:00-8:00 pm


Location: Miamisburg Community Park Learning Center, 550 S First Street, Miamisburg, OH

​Preparation: Prepare a short, memorized monologue that reflects the role your actor is auditioning for.

(If you do not have a monologue see below for some examples.)

Audition Options

In-Person Auditions: Actors will sign up for a 15-minute group audition appointment. This will be a low stress audition.  If your actor is nervous, our staff will help walk them through this process.

Virtual Auditions: Virtual (video) auditions will be accepted until the end of the day on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

(Please contact for requirements before signing up.)

Sign Up to Audition

There are two steps below that are required:

1. Sign-up for an audition appointment using the button below:

2. Complete an audition form using the button below:

(If an audition form is not filled out, it may delay your audition start time.)

Questions? Email

How to Select a Monologue:

  • Select something that is comfortable or familiar

  • Select something age-appropriate

There are a few sample monologues below, or you can google sample monologues to find lots of examples.



No! I won’t stop! For every minute of the rest of my life I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you. But if you let me save him, I will go with you. I’ll never run, I’ll never try to escape – just let me heal him, and you and I will be together forever just like you want. Everything will be the way it was. I promise. Just like you want. Just let me heal him. (beat) Eugene! Oh, I’m so sorry. Everything is going to be okay, though. I promise, but you have to trust me. Come on, just breathe… I can’t let you die.


(Shonda wants to help her mom bake in the kitchen. She wants to be a chef when she grows up.)


Mom, can I help? Why not? I’m good at baking. I do not make a mess! I do a good job. Can we make cookies? Chocolate chip? Everybody likes cookies. I’m done with my homework. So I can help you. Please? I want to be Rachel Ray when I grow up. Can I use the rolling pin? I like the rolling pin. You want me to watch TV? I never get to help. You told me you’d teach me to cook when I’m older, and I’m older now. I know you told me that last week, so I’m a whole week older now. I just want to help, Mommy!


(Addy fell asleep while chewing gum. Now it’s stuck in her hair!)


(Screams.) Look what happened! Oh no, oh no, oh noooooo! What am I going to do? It won’t come out! No, Mom, you can’t cut my hair! There must be another way! This is all Daddy’s fault. He gave me that Hubba Bubba gum. Two whole pieces! I can’t help that I fell asleep. My hair will be way too short if you cut it! Can’t you wash it out? Isn’t there anything we can do? I don’t want to lose all my hair!


(Louis is a picky eater: he only eats hot dogs. He’s over at his friend Jack’s house and Jack’s mom, Mrs. Jones, doesn’t have any hot dogs.)


No, I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones, I don’t eat that. I only eat hot dogs. You don’t have hot dogs? Oh. Well, maybe I should go home then. That’s all I eat. Hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sometimes I eat two or three instead of just one.

My mom says I’ll grow out of it someday. I doubt it. I love hot dogs. My little sister is worse. She only eats chicken soup. She sticks her pigtails in the soup and sucks it out of her hair. It’s disgusting. Well, tell Jack I’ll see him later. I’ve got to go home and have a few hot dogs. I think it’s a three-hot-dog day, today. See you later, Mrs. Jones!


(Timmy tries to convince his mom that his messy room is not his fault.)


Mom, it’s not my fault my room’s a mess! Me and Anthony were playing with his new race-cars. Only four of them. And we heard a weird noise outside, so we opened the window. This huge spaceship landed and a slimy, green alien with three heads came out and jumped in the window. Anthony tried to shoot him with my zapper gun, but it didn’t even hurt him—he just got real mad. So he knocked all the books off my shelf and picked up my toy box with his long, purple antennas and dumped it all over my room. So I threw a Frisbee at him and it bonked him on his third head and he slimed out the window and the spaceship disappeared into the sky. Geez, Mom, you should be happy I’m still alive!


Some people think I don’t like sharing, but that isn’t true at all. I love sharing. I mean, what’s not to love about being able to go up to someone and say, “Hey, can I have some of that candy?” And then they give you some! Or, “Can I ride your bike for a while?” And then you get to ride their bike! Sharing is awesome. Sometimes you have to be careful, though. Like if someone comes up to me and says, “Can I have one of your cookies?” Well, if I gave them a cookie, then I might not have any cookies left to share with other people and that would be, like, the opposite of sharing. So I have to say no. Because sharing is really important.

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